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Chers amis de l'effet de vie,

nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la publication sur le site, dans la rubrique «articles de fond», de l'étude de Martin SOUMBAI, L'Inscription du personnage de l'artiste dans l'effet de vie : Une analyse de Mozart, Casanova et Piano chinois d'Etienne Barilier. Elle explore heureusement le cas spécifique du fonctionnement de l'effet de vie lorsque le héros est un artiste. En voici le résumé. 

The artist’s character creates the « effect of reality » through the « effect of life » in the life of bearer of action. This article reflects on the aesthetic peculiarities of the work. Conscious of the pain of living which is based on existential experiences, it gives us hope of a happy living. Given that artificial life is superimposed on real life, we ask ourselves the following question : how does the character of the artist take care of impact of life affacting the feelings of the bearer of action in these novels ? To provide an answer to this question, we will borrow Hamon’s semiology (1977) which is enriched by the Münch theorie of life effect (2004) whose technical analysis demonstrates that it is inspired by cultural, historical and social beliefs which situates humanity in its quest of an effect of life and a single aesthetic world.

Keywords: Barilier, Hamon, character, artist, effect of life, semiology.


Très cordialement, Marc-Mathieu Münch